Using TrueType Fonts by TeX on Windows

On Windows system, users can use various kinds of TrueType Fonts provided from font companies like Monotype and Bitstream and also free fonts. Even TeX Users sometimes may want to use them. Moreover they are sometimes required to use for example Times New Roman for document's fonts. This often occurs when some peoples are creating one document together but some use usual Word Processor like Microsoft Word. In this case it is important that all authors use same font, same layout and so on.

This page provides packages which are used to use such "Standard" True Type fonts in Windows system. The author advises to use dviout as a dvi driver but any driver that can treat TrueType fonts and virtual fonts may be used.

In the following, winttf.lzh contains files that makes the documents with Times New Roman, Arial and Courier New. You are required to use dviout 3.12 or later if you install them easily (the could not be understood properly in the earlier dviout. The author does not know other dvi drivers to have it to use this kit. Never ask me.).

If you want to use Monotype Sorts fonts, you have to check it is installed on your system. Microsoft says that Monotype Sorts are contained in the following his application software:

Download packages(2001/05/20)

In this section, several files can be downloaded.

Almost all users may be satisfied only with winttf.lzh which is called minimal kit. It includes Times New Roman, Arial, Courier New, Symbols and so on, those are most common fonts. If users want to try more fonts, they can download winttfn.lzh, which is standard kit. It includes all fonts commonly included Windows98 and NT. In addition, you know, there are several fonts those are included only one of the Windows98 or Windows NT system. Hence one can get Windows98 or Windows NT extension kit (In this case it is recommended to download winttfn.lzh. Note that Windows95/Me are categorized into Windows98 and Windows2000 is a Windows NT. I don't know about Windows XP (It is based on Windows NT but I don't know which fonts set Microsoft will choose).

Choose one of them:

Note that all archive files are not in a zip or a gz form but a lzh form, which is most commonly used in Japan.  If you don't have a software which "melts" lzh file, it is a good idea to search "lhaca" at a search engine. (lzh is created using "lha.")

Relation with dviout's distribution

The distibution of dviout contains winttf.lzh, which is essentially same with above. However dviout's distribution contains files which are used in pTeX (ASCII company's Japanized TeX) to set Japanese standard TrueType fonts.

If you want to get the information about TrueType